Discovered on Huelva Beach – a mutilated corpse uncovered in Initiated to Kill.

A mutilated corpse washes up on Huelva Beach, his organs missing. The dead body resembling atrocities of ancient rituals and the crimes of an infamous serial killer. “Rolling hills, agriculture, sunflowers and wheat offered them a glorious scene as they traveled along the Cadiz coast. He hadn’t been here for some time. Sometimes in theContinue reading “Discovered on Huelva Beach – a mutilated corpse uncovered in Initiated to Kill.”

A Character Interview – Annabella Cordova.

Annabella Cordova becomes involved in a complex conspiracy that leads all the way back to 19th century, London. When Annabella’s friend disappears, Annabella unwittingly finds herself in the midst of an murder investigation that not only implicates her university, but triggers of events reminiscent of one of the world’s most infamous serial killers – JackContinue reading “A Character Interview – Annabella Cordova.”

Real Alcazar – Spain.

Although, you can’t travel to this beautiful location, discover the history of the Real Alcazar, and other locations in Seville in my international thriller, Initiated to Kill. Gothic architecture, gorgeous barrios, largest Gothic cathedral, tapa bars and famous museums. Hidden in these barrios lies a sadistic killer, wanting to find his next victim. A tasteContinue reading “Real Alcazar – Spain.”