Tuesday 13th morning workout – 30 minute HIIT cardio and bodyweight

45 second intervals of plank strength, boxing, legs, core and cardio exercises in each circuit. Amping the intensity in each circuit. If you like my content, I have a bi-monthly newsletter with articles and advice on health and nutrition for you and your pet: http://eepurl.com/ghyNAH #getfitwithgiddy #cardiohiit #intervaltraining #sweat #mindbodyhealth    

Monday 17th morning workout – butt and abs blast

Finally able to get back into some workouts, so blasting into my week with a butt and ab interval workout. 45 second intervals, exercises repeated twice, cycling between butt and ab focused exercises. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my Body, Mind and Writing ┬ábi-monthly newsletter: http://eepurl.com/ghyNAH #buttworkouts #abworkouts #sydneycummings #mindbodyhealth