Tuesday 14th Body Combat Workouts

Start your day off or finish a day off with a quick, intense kickboxing workout by Les Mills. This series of Body Combat Invincible workouts slowly helps you to build up endurance with shorter workouts, working up to the full hour classes. Great way to pass the time during lock down, no equipment required. IfContinue reading “Tuesday 14th Body Combat Workouts”

Tuesday 19th workouts – low impact kickboxing and tabata cardio

Get in a low impact kickboxing cardio session, with basic kickboxing moves, combined with low impact cardio intervals. 30 second intervals and a mix of popular songs to keep you motivated. Finishing off with an ab section at the end. Tabata Tuesday is here for my afternoon workout. 40 minute tabata cardio and abs. 4Continue reading “Tuesday 19th workouts – low impact kickboxing and tabata cardio”

Tuesday 29th workouts – Morning kickboxing, and afternoon cardio and abs

Starting Tuesday off with a fat burning kickboxing combo session. Burn fat and increase your endocannabinoid cells – anandamide, to achieve a natural ‘high’ through exercise. My Tuesday afternoon workout is a cardio and ab HIIT workout with 30 second intervals. 3 exercises per circuit, repeated for 3 rounds. If you like what I share,Continue reading “Tuesday 29th workouts – Morning kickboxing, and afternoon cardio and abs”

Tuesday 8th morning workout – cardio box squat and kick

Learn the basic boxing moves while conditioning your body through a combination of cardio and kickboxing moves to hip-hop music. Finishing off with a 5 minute interval of punches and kicks with light hand weights to increase the overall toning of the arms.   #mindbodyhealth  

Friday 7th morning workout – Tomb Raider inspired workout

This 30 minute HIIT workout uses kickboxing, cardio and dumbbell moves to prep the body for fighting mode – Lara Croft style. Focuses on building strength and endurance using weights and cardio combined for the ultimate fat burn. #mindbodyhealth    

Wednesday 28th morning workout – cardio kickboxing and toning

30 minutes of fat burning toning and kickboxing workout combines cardio conditioning with kickboxing moves. And toning the arms using light hand weights. Every circuit has 2 rounds of kickboxing, 1 round of  squat combinations, 1 strength round, and 1 cardio round. With 6 circuits in total, finishing off with a plank combo circuit.  Continue reading “Wednesday 28th morning workout – cardio kickboxing and toning”

Tuesday 6th morning workout – kickboxing and cardio tabata

Jump into this cardio kickboxing workout with tabata intervals for maximum fat burn. Start off with 4 rounds of kickboxing moves, 30 second intervals per move. Moving onto the tabata section – 4 exercises, done 20 seconds each, for 2 rounds. Each circuit has 2 kickboxing rounds, and 1 tabata round. #mindbodyhealth