A 15 min Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation.

In this video, I will guide you through the full process of Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This relaxation meditation is designed for you to focus on where you hold tension, consciously tensing the specific muscle, then consciously relaxing that specific muscle while using your breath to guide you. The 11hz binaural beat creates an illusion byContinue reading “A 15 min Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation.”

10-minute MINDFULNESS Yoga Meditation for Anxiety.

In this video, I will guide you through a Mindfulness Meditation with gentle yoga poses to bring the focus to deep belly breathing and meditation. The poses are designed for you to increase your ability to breath deeply while moving, so you can integrate this type of breathing when you feel anxious or stressed. YouContinue reading “10-minute MINDFULNESS Yoga Meditation for Anxiety.”