#BookReview Sherlock Holmes The Keys of Death

Holmes and Watson embark on a dangerous adventure that sends them scurrying around London’s streets to chase down the culprit. September 1880, Mrs Hudson encounters a terrible tragedy that leaves her distraught and unsure of what to do when her deceased husband’s wedding ring is nowhere to be found. A young man approaches her, introducingContinue reading “#BookReview Sherlock Holmes The Keys of Death”

#BookReview Dark Arts, Dark Acts – The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Novels by Orlando Pearson 

November, 1947. Whitehall has issued instructions that the world still believes Sherlock is dead. Watson drives on with published works on their many adventures. And thus, we get taken back to the years of World War II where Holmes and Watson once again take on cases no one else can solve. “Come Watson! The gameContinue reading “#BookReview Dark Arts, Dark Acts – The Redacted Sherlock Holmes Novels by Orlando Pearson ”

#BookRecommendation Marvels and Mysteries of the World Around Us

We marvel at a spectacular sunset, the way animals instinctively detect danger and even natural disasters, the frightening and awe-inspiring cataclysmic eruption of a volcano, and still to this day the debate rages on how it all began. In Marvels and Mysteries of the World Around Us details Our Planet’s Past, Awesome forces of Change,Continue reading “#BookRecommendation Marvels and Mysteries of the World Around Us”

#BookReview The Deadlier Sin by Phillip Urmson

A gripping tale of a missing girl that leads hard-nosed PI Walter to unearth a conspiracy. Walter Blunt, an ex-cop and high-priced private detective in Adelaide finishes off on a case of a husband’s infidelity. His next clients are not what he is used to. The Burrowes are desperate to find their missing daughter Lucy,Continue reading “#BookReview The Deadlier Sin by Phillip Urmson”

#BookReview Dangerous Memory by Cynthia Rogan

A woman finds herself in a precarious situation when she discovers something her bosses don’t want her to know. Afraid and alone, a drunken encounter at a bar completely changes everything she can remember… Minnie Chance is brought onto a peculiar case by Martin, a US Marshal who found a woman on the beach. BattlingContinue reading “#BookReview Dangerous Memory by Cynthia Rogan”

#BookReview Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Coal-Tar Derivative by Steven Philip Jones.

A series of cases brings Watson closer to the infamous Moriarty gang, each case unveiling the intent behind their criminal activities, designed to seek out a weapon that could bring about war. The story begins on a stormy ocean, all seems lost, waves crashing against the boat, a stranger appears on the helm; wealthy, secretiveContinue reading “#BookReview Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of the Coal-Tar Derivative by Steven Philip Jones.”

#BookReview The Milan Contract by Stephen Franks

International espionage, the criminal underworld, and political corruption send Lieutenant Raphael Conza on a complex trail that leads to 1980s, Germany. A few seconds later, it was all over. Milan Contract In the brief instant it took the .22 bullet to effortlessly drill a neat hole in Lukas Stolz’s forehead, he relived the summer stormsContinue reading “#BookReview The Milan Contract by Stephen Franks”

Delving into the Criminal Mind – What we can Learn from Historical Serial Killers.

 Who would have thought we would be living in a world in which we have grown rather fascinated with the workings of the criminal mind. With TV shows that delve into criminal profiling, movies and books exploring the depravity of a serial killer.   Criminology and Criminal Profiling is fast becoming a sought-out degree. EvenContinue reading “Delving into the Criminal Mind – What we can Learn from Historical Serial Killers.”

‘Night Watch’ – Dark Deeds Transpire in the Dark Hours.

Night Watch, named after the morbid patrol period when the really ‘bad stuff’ happens on a cop’s watch.  Human bones at a residence, three skulls left at a successful restaurant, and a dead body found close by. In a sleepy getaway French town, Alexandra Cooper finds herself amidst some mysterious occurrences all linked to herContinue reading “‘Night Watch’ – Dark Deeds Transpire in the Dark Hours.”

Book Review – ‘Warning Signs’ by Stephen White.

A murdered DA, a cop accused, a mother concerned her boy may be part of something terrible. Should a psychologist, a mother, or a cop ignore the warning signs?  Each character brings to life the convoluted story of vengeance and the corruption of the system. Alan tackles one of his toughest clients, her connection withContinue reading “Book Review – ‘Warning Signs’ by Stephen White.”