The BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS of ALL LIVING THINGS – CELLS. Our bodies contain trillions of cells. These cells participate in the daily functioning of every system of our body, and activate receptors when required. They provide structure, take in nutrients, convert nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions. For example, endocannabinoids are the endogenousContinue reading “Why these 4 FOODS are EFFECTIVE for CELL HEALTH”

Why these 4 FOODS are Effective for Alleviating Diabetes

What happens when your body cannot control blood sugar levels? Your body can no longer make enough insulin, or the cells become insulin resistant. Around 64,000 people receive a Type 1 diabetes diagnosis each year, and over 462 million have type 2 diabetes, with numbers skyrocketing. Type 1 diabetes results from an autoimmune condition, causingContinue reading “Why these 4 FOODS are Effective for Alleviating Diabetes”

Why these 4 FOODS are Effective for MANAGING DEPRESSION.

Depression. That feeling of emptiness. Unease. Wanting to sleep all the time. Experiencing a lack of purpose, or believing there isn’t much to life. Thinking that perhaps life is no longer worth it. Around 300 million people worldwide experience depression. I am not talking about that feeling of sadness when something bad has happened. I’mContinue reading “Why these 4 FOODS are Effective for MANAGING DEPRESSION.”

A little something for you…

Not sure about the best foods to feed your family? What about the ideal nutrients to reduce risk of illness or to speed up recovery? My trimonthly newsletter covers a range of health topics for either you or your pet. In each newsletter, I’ll also include links to further resources around the topic of theContinue reading “A little something for you…”