The LOW Down on LOW FAT Diets.

There was a time that low-fat diets were recommended as an effective way to lose weight. Research has shown that foods labelled ‘low-fat’ tend to be higher in sugars and carbohydrates. One of the problems with low-fat diets is the focus on the reduction of ALL fats, not just saturated fats. A low-calorie diet focusesContinue reading “The LOW Down on LOW FAT Diets.”

Unlocking the BRAIN’s Potential with OMEGA-3.

Omega-3. This nutrient has hit the nutritional market with a bang. We now know the importance Omega-3 has on the functioning of cells, immunity, heart health, and brain development. The brain is made up of 60% fat – the fattest organ in the human body! No wonder the brain craves fatty acids. DHA is predominatelyContinue reading “Unlocking the BRAIN’s Potential with OMEGA-3.”

Why we all NEED more OMEGA-3.

Omega-3 is the building blocks for cells. Every single cell in our body requires Omega-3 to synthesize and function correctly. Every organ in our body needs these fatty acids as an energy source to carry out their role. Omega-3 is key to the development of the cardiovascular and central nervous system. It also aids inContinue reading “Why we all NEED more OMEGA-3.”

The 3 Basic Nutrients for Child Development

Being a parent is hard enough, trying to give the right foods to your child in the right amounts can be tricky. A range of conditions can crop in young children causing stress in both the child and the parents. Toddler’s diarrhoea is a common condition that causes a child from 1-5 years old toContinue reading “The 3 Basic Nutrients for Child Development”