Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief.

In this Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief, I will first take you through a gentle relaxation sequence, just to relax the body and mind, to prepare it for a deeper self-hypnosis. Then, we will take a journey inward, towards any pain you are holding. Within this meditation, we will train the mind toContinue reading “Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Pain Relief.”

Educating on Cannabis – How Cannabinoids Target Pain.

Pain. Internal injuries. Nerve pain. Muscular pain. At one point in time, we have all experienced some type of pain, and needed temporary relief. In other cases, constant chronic pain conditions result in a person experiencing pain every day. There are different areas of the body where pain originates from known as visceral, neuropathic, andContinue reading “Educating on Cannabis – How Cannabinoids Target Pain.”

Saturday 6th Stretch Day

My stretch day session focuses mainly on performing stretches sitting down or lying down on the mat. Starting with lower body stretches, and performing stretches for the entire body. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my Body, Mind and Writing newsletter:   What people tend to forget, is that when they areContinue reading “Saturday 6th Stretch Day”