#BookReview The Sabine Basin Conspiracy by Anthony DeWitt

American agencies rush to discover the immense power behind a gravitational wave, while a stranger possesses a powerful force that sets off a tirade of catastrophic events. Redacted. Top Secret. 1948, a major scientific discovery is under way conducted by Wilhelm Reich which could change the way emotions are triggered.  Dr Albert Einstein partakes inContinue reading “#BookReview The Sabine Basin Conspiracy by Anthony DeWitt”

#BookReview Galaxy in Flames

Brother against brother. Traitors against loyalists. A battle on Isstvaan III sets the stage for something greater and more terrifying. Beloved characters have to make a stand against one of the strongest forces in the galaxy. Betrayed and left to die a horrible death, the survivors make a final stand in the name of theContinue reading “#BookReview Galaxy in Flames”

#BookReview ‘Descent of Angels’ by Mitchel Scanlon #SciFi

Caliban. A world before the arrival of the emperor. Before the angels, when storms besieged the warp preventing travel to other planets, worlds left to their own devices. A world apart from any type of humanity for over 5000 years. A world with their own culture and beliefs. Knights, Great War horses, and primitive weaponsContinue reading “#BookReview ‘Descent of Angels’ by Mitchel Scanlon #SciFi”

#BookReview ‘False Gods’ by Graham McNeill – Horus Heresy. #Scifi

“I was there the day that Horus fell.” The events on the Vengeful Spirit sets off a cataclysmic collision of doubts running through Horus’ head. Finally, the truth none of them wanted to believe was exposed. Phenomena long-forgotten brought once again to the surface, becoming rooted within the strongest of characters, seeds of uncertainty spread,Continue reading “#BookReview ‘False Gods’ by Graham McNeill – Horus Heresy. #Scifi”

#Book Review – Horus Rising #WarHammer

Here it begins. Horus Rising in the Horus Heresy series isn’t exactly in the genre I usually read in. However, I have been quite curious about this world, and the amazing background that makes up Warhammer 40k. (And my Dan has got me pretty interested as well) 😉 So, let’s delve into the futuristic 31st millenniumContinue reading “#Book Review – Horus Rising #WarHammer”