Auckland – the City of Sails, New Zealand

Auckland’s love affair with its waterside location has earned its name, ‘City of Sails’. Sparkling waters trickle along narrow isthmus of the Waitemata and Manukau Harbour. A cover of rainforest sprinkles over the surrounding hills, forty-eight dormant volcanic cones dot the landscape. There is never a boring moment, from travelling up to the top ofContinue reading “Auckland – the City of Sails, New Zealand”

Dunedin – Oldest city in New Zealand

Deeply embedded into Scottish heritage, migrants established a town in 1848, thirteen years later gold was unearthed. Tour around Dunedin to view the towering cathedral spires, Flemish-style railway station, nineteenth-century castle and neo-gothic convent. Escape into the many art galleries and museums containing some of the best collections in New Zealand. Quietly wander into theContinue reading “Dunedin – Oldest city in New Zealand”

Hamilton – the Other Garden City, New Zealand

To most New Zealanders Christchurch is the Garden city, but many overlook what Hamilton has to offer in its spectacular collections. From the majestic Waikato River to lakes, walkways and golf courses, the Hamilton Gardens have got to be a one of the best visiting points. The Gardens The botanic gardens offer a range ofContinue reading “Hamilton – the Other Garden City, New Zealand”

New Plymouth – the Events Centre, New Zealand

What can you do in this small little city? The mountainous landscape that rises above the swelling sea offers you a view to what you can enjoy. Known as the events centre; major festivals, sports events and concerts are regularly performed to entertain those away from Mount Taranaki. With its rich volcanic soil, the numberContinue reading “New Plymouth – the Events Centre, New Zealand”

The Jewel of the Bay of Island, Paihia, New Zealand

The Jewel of the Bay of Islands Paihia is renowned for a popular holiday spot all year round. But Paihia is not just a place to go sightseeing, but a place filled with history, culture and dynamic people. Paihia’s Past Maori were the first settlers to create their own haven with their traditional Maori huts.Continue reading “The Jewel of the Bay of Island, Paihia, New Zealand”

Wellington – the Fourth Top City in the World

Wellington – the Fourth Top City in the World The Capital of New Zealand, housing the well-known Beehive, a sphere of mountains, surrounded by hills and rugged coastline. One can easily escape the wind that ripples through the city by entering into another world of arts and culture. The city designed almost like a ring;Continue reading “Wellington – the Fourth Top City in the World”

Whangarei – the Winterless North

Whangarei – the Winterless North A city that has started from humble beginnings to prosper into a modern and vibrant city. Surrounded by farmlands and orchards; expansive harbour and coastline, pristine sandy beaches that rival those throughout New Zealand. Northland is home to some of the best activities throughout New Zealand.   Water Activities Dive!Continue reading “Whangarei – the Winterless North”