Speaking with the Hands.

Our hands and fingers can be another tell of what is inwardly going on. A person that may be pensive or deep in thought may rest their chin on their hand. A person experiencing stress or exasperation may rub the bridge of their nose. Sign language is a great example of how our hands canContinue reading “Speaking with the Hands.”

Body Language as a Secret Weapon.

Body language is something everyone understands to some degree, it is how we interpret the cluster of signals that requires a more in-depth knowledge of what we are actually seeing.  Body language prepares a person to react in a constructive way if they can access what is actually going on. Where to start? If aContinue reading “Body Language as a Secret Weapon.”

The Anatomy of Body Language.

“The average person lies 3 times for every 10 minutes of conversation.” (Cal Lightman, from ‘Lie to Me’). Communication requires sending and receiving signals. Everyone has non-verbal signals known as ‘tells’. Most body language is subtle and unconscious. Whether it be from a news report, someone telling a story, or other forms of communication, bodyContinue reading “The Anatomy of Body Language.”

What does hand-to-face gestures mean?

The simple hand-to-face gestures may indicate quite a bit about what the person is thinking, or if they are being deceptive. In general, sudden movements that involve cupping the face, or covering one eye by placing the hand partly over it form the basis of the human deceit gestures. When we either see, hear orContinue reading “What does hand-to-face gestures mean?”

How to Tell when Someone might be Lying.

Body language and facial expressions are not exact guides to detect when someone is lying. However, they can guide you in a specific direction, to lead you to gather more information. Another piece of the puzzle, you just need to figure out where to put it. The more you know a person, the easier itContinue reading “How to Tell when Someone might be Lying.”