This Could be Why Anxiety is Holding You Back!

Where is your attention focused when you are around other people? If you have anxiety, you may find that your attention is so focused on either how you appear physically to others, or the potential threats in your environment that you lose sight of being in the moment, and learning from that experience. Understanding whereContinue reading “This Could be Why Anxiety is Holding You Back!”

Focus: The Defining Difference between Success and Disappointment.

Join me in bringing FOCUS back to your life, and unlocking the potential you have always had. Finding Original Creative Unique Solutions is the key difference between succeeding in life, and being constantly disappointed. Everyone has been rejected or disappointed in life; some have chosen to allow that rejection to ‘distort’ the way they perceiveContinue reading “Focus: The Defining Difference between Success and Disappointment.”

The #1 Behaviour that Leads to Social Anxiety.

How do you react when you feel anxious? You might try to push past it, and just get on with things, or you might choose what you believe to be an easier and safer option, you avoid it! Avoidance behaviours play a role in our survival instinct. We may choose to avoid doing something becauseContinue reading “The #1 Behaviour that Leads to Social Anxiety.”

How to Challenge Fearful Thoughts in Social Anxiety.

Investigating what is behind a person’s concerns is one of the most crucial aspects for successful therapy. We cannot just jump into change without first considering what has come before it. This is why avoiding and dismissing concerns isn’t actually helpful, even if you think those concerns are not realistic. What is helpful is toContinue reading “How to Challenge Fearful Thoughts in Social Anxiety.”

Challenging Your Negative Thoughts in Social Anxiety!

Most people have experienced some sort of social anxiety, and generally are fine in most situations. However, for others, it can occur just thinking about being around other people. In some instances, social anxiety is triggered by a past event, leaving a person to believe ALL social experiences are going to be bad. In thisContinue reading “Challenging Your Negative Thoughts in Social Anxiety!”

Social Anxiety – How we Trigger Danger Mode!

How do you feel when you go out in public? Do you have sweaty palms, a racing heart, or do you just try to avoid being around people as much as you can? Social anxiety can potentially prevent you from doing what you want to do, or achieve what you want. The body goes throughContinue reading “Social Anxiety – How we Trigger Danger Mode!”