The Sanctuary of Ulva Island.

A pristine forested island, situated in the beautiful Rakiura National park, named after a Scottish island, an open island sanctuary. Ulva Island remains one of a few predator-free sanctuaries in NZ. A jewel to behold as you immerse amidst nature of its cleanest and finest. Meandering along the tracks to catch a glimpse of endangeredContinue reading “The Sanctuary of Ulva Island.”

The World’s Largest Surviving Wooden Viaduct.

New Zealand has many things to offer for the adrenaline junkie. South Island in particular has some pretty spectacular attractions for those that want to test just how brave they really are. Percy Burn viaduct located in the far south of the South Island brings history and good ole kiwi ingenuity to the forefront ofContinue reading “The World’s Largest Surviving Wooden Viaduct.”

Connect With the South Island by Train, New Zealand

Coastal Connection Ever dreamed of experiencing the whole of New Zealand without getting lost or not knowing what to do when you finally get where you want to be?                                                                            Rail New Zealand offers the prospect of travelling all over New Zealand without the hassle of traffic and inconsiderate drivers. The Coastal Connection combines the ferryContinue reading “Connect With the South Island by Train, New Zealand”