Wednesday 17th morning workout – 25 minute upper body

Assassinate those calories and build strength in this 25 minute upper body superset workout. 30 second intervals, 3 rounds for each superset. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my Body, Mind and Writing newsletter: #upperbodyworkouts #strengthtraining #girlswholift #mindbodyhealth  

Monday 15th morning workout – Leg Bodyweight Burnout

Starting the week off with a bodyweight leg burnout session. 14 exercises, twice each for 45 second intervals. #LegDay If you like my content, consider subscribing to my Body, Mind and Writing newsletter: #bodyweightworkouts #BuildaButt #mindbodyhealth #stronglegs  

Wednesday 10th morning workout – 25 minute Metabolic workout

Wednesday morning workout is designed to rev up that metabolism, build strength and definition, and start the day off with a bang for your buck with a mix of strength, cardio and abs metabolic circuits. 2-3 exercises per circuit, each exercise has 10 reps cycled around as many times as possible within 5 minutes. IfContinue reading “Wednesday 10th morning workout – 25 minute Metabolic workout”

Monday 25th morning workout – strength and conditioning.

My Monday Motivation for you is a 50 minute strength and conditioning workout. After recovering from being sick last week, I am definitely ready for a good workout. The circuits have 1 upper body move, 2 tabata cardio moves, and 1 lower body move, repeated twice. With the strength moves having 45 second intervals. IfContinue reading “Monday 25th morning workout – strength and conditioning.”

Friday 8th morning workout – Qinetic Arm Assassination and Mini Band for Booty

Grab a light set of dumbbells or water bottles, and target your upper body in this Body Attack workout by Isaac. Make sure you go pretty light with the weights, as you are performing pulsing moves for the entire 20 minutes.   If you like my content, consider subscribing to my Body, Mind and WritingContinue reading “Friday 8th morning workout – Qinetic Arm Assassination and Mini Band for Booty”

Wednesday 6th morning workout – back and biceps

Hitting the back and biceps in this targeted 40 minute workout. Sydney has designed the workout so you can do this strength training session with your partner, or by yourself. 🙂 45 seconds of work, 2 rounds of each exercise, with the last section of the workout, repeating all the exercises once more to getContinue reading “Wednesday 6th morning workout – back and biceps”

Friday 22nd morning workout – total body strength and cardio

My Friday morning workout hits the total body in this 40 minute full body strength and cardio session. If you enjoy my content, I am sending out a monthly newsletter filled with nutritional and health advice for humans and animals. If you are interested, here’s the subscription link: First part of the workout isContinue reading “Friday 22nd morning workout – total body strength and cardio”

Friday 1st morning workout

Celebrity trainer, Ingrid Clay brings a strength training workout to your living room – bootcamp style. Every circuit is performed twice, containing compound exercises, along with a bit of cardio. First circuit focuses on legs and shoulders. The second circuit is bicep, back and shoulders, and the final circuit focuses on triceps, chest and abs.Continue reading “Friday 1st morning workout”

Friday 25th morning workout – cardio and compound strength workout

The combination of cardio and compound exercises is a great workout for those short on time. So, my #FridayFitness morning workout is this… The circuits contain a 30 second strength interval, followed by a 30 second cardio intervals, and so on. Designed to get more bang for your buck. 🙂 #mindbodyhealth