Monday 21st morning workout – full body athletic workout

Starting Monday off with a 40 minute full body athletic workout. This workout is set-up with Supersets – 2 exercises within that superset, one for the upper body, followed by one for the lower body or abs. 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest, with the supersets performed 3 times each. Have a rangeContinue reading “Monday 21st morning workout – full body athletic workout”

Monday 14th morning workout – full body strength training and abs

Start the working week on a high note with this 40 minute full body workout with abs. 45 seconds of work, with a range of dumbbells to work those larger muscle groups. Each circuit has 3 moves done twice, with the last move in the circuit combining the first 2 moves. Finishing off with anContinue reading “Monday 14th morning workout – full body strength training and abs”

Friday 11th morning workout – cardio pilates and strength

Strengthen and tone your large and small muscle groups in this 40 minute cardio pilates and strength workout. Unique style moves to improve function in every day life. And designed to be a pre- and post-natal workout. #mindbodyhealth #functionaltraining  

Wednesday 2nd workout – Power Hour

Bringing to you a power hour workout. 1 minute of upper body, 1 minute lower body, 1 minute cardio, and 1 minute abs. The circuits are done 3 times each, to maximise the muscle burn. Burn off those calories, strengthen the muscles, and feel fit and ready for whatever 2019 brings. πŸ™‚ #mindbodyhealth  

Monday 31st morning workout – full body compound workout

Finish the old year off with a 40 minute cardio and strength training HIIT workout. 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest. This compound workout focuses on working multiple muscle groups at once. The strength training circuits have 3 compound exercises, done 3 times each. Followed by a cardio circuit with 3 exercises doneContinue reading “Monday 31st morning workout – full body compound workout”

Friday 28th morning workout – 20/20 full body

This 20 minute full body workout is ideal to fit into your holiday schedule – 20/20 format. 20 exercises done for 20 reps, for 20 minutes. Using light to medium hand weights, there’s no excuses not to work out over the holiday period. πŸ˜‰ #mindbodyhealth  

Monday 24th morning workout – cardio box and lift

My Christmas eve workout brings a combination of cardio and lifting with light hand weights. Combining a range of boxing moves for the first half of the workout to get the heart rate up, and to get used to the boxing moves. The second part of the workout uses light hand weights while doing boxingContinue reading “Monday 24th morning workout – cardio box and lift”

Wednesday 5th morning workout – Total Arm workout

Want to get toned and strong arms for summer, and all year round? This 30 minute HIIT workout focuses on all the muscles in the arms. Every circuit has a shoulder exercise, bicep exercise, and tricep exercise. With each circuit performed 3 times each, for 30 second intervals. #mindbodyhealth  

Friday 23rd morning workout – German Volume Training

Tracy brings a 40 minute German Volume Training workout. Based on the concept of 10 rounds of exercises for 10 reps, as heavy as you can go. Tracy mixes it up by super-setting different muscle groups in each circuit. Yes, that means you end up doing 100 goblet squats, 100 deadlifts, 100 chest presses, 100Continue reading “Friday 23rd morning workout – German Volume Training”