Monday 12th morning workout – upper body iso-lateral workout

Target small and large muscle groups in this 40 minute upper body iso-lateral workout. Every circuit contains exercises that isolates one side of the body at a time to challenge the core to stabilise the body, while working on balancing the other side. 1 minute per exercises, 30 seconds per side, every circuit performed 3Continue reading “Monday 12th morning workout – upper body iso-lateral workout”

Monday 5th morning workout – metabolic workout for women (and men)

This 30 minute fat burning workout is designed specifically for women to increase their metabolism by building muscle, without the bulk. However, men can also benefit from this workout. 🙂 Every circuit has 3 exercises done for 10 reps each, cycling through for a 5 minute circuit. This is a full body, kick butt workout;Continue reading “Monday 5th morning workout – metabolic workout for women (and men)”

Friday 2nd afternoon workout – 1 hr 10 min strength, cardio and abs

This workout is suited for more advanced fitness levels, as the cardio, weights and abs workout will test your endurance for over an hour. You can burn up to 1000 calories, depending on how hard-out you go. 🙂 This workout starts with the 3 resistance circuits for 45 second intervals, 3 exercises per circuit, performedContinue reading “Friday 2nd afternoon workout – 1 hr 10 min strength, cardio and abs”

Monday 29th morning workout – 40 min full body with weights

This 40 minute full body workout is ideal for all fitness levels. This workout has also been designed with modifications for women in early stages of pregnancy. 12 reps per exercise with a superset/circuit setup. The circuit contains 3 different exercises, with 2 rounds of each exercise per circuit. A great way to build strengthContinue reading “Monday 29th morning workout – 40 min full body with weights”

Monday 15th afternoon workout – full body compound HIIT

40 minutes of compound HIIT for the entire body. Each exercise targets 2 different muscle groups to get a full body workout in a short space of time. The core working twice as hard to keep the body balanced. Each circuit is performed 3 times, with 3 compound exercises in each circuit.  

Wednesday 10th morning workout – 30 min HIIT with weights

30 minute HIIT workout with weights focuses on building strength for men and women. Every move is shown with a modification, and all are compound moves, working multiple muscle groups at once. This workout takes well-known exercises and puts a different spin on them. With 1 minute intervals, your muscles will be on fire.

Monday 10th morning workout – kickboxing with strength intervals

Kickboxing with strength intervals to get your heart rate up, strengthen and tone muscles with this easy-to-follow HIIT workout. 8 rounds, with 1 bonus round at the end. 30 seconds kickboxing, 1 minute strength exercise, then 1 minute kickboxing, followed by 30 seconds of strength etc… Intervals are changed up to keep the body guessing.Continue reading “Monday 10th morning workout – kickboxing with strength intervals”

Friday 31st morning workout – Full body HIIT strength

Three exercises done in 5 minute interval circuits. 10 overhead squat pulses, 10 shoulder presses; 10 burpees with lateral raise, 10 Romanian deadlift with leg pulse; 10 suitcase presses, 10 chest fly; 10 RDL curl and press, 10 side plank pulses; 10 sumo squat and chest openers, 10 hold and row; 10 split leg toeContinue reading “Friday 31st morning workout – Full body HIIT strength”

Friday 17th morning workout – condition and strengthen HIIT

Condition and strengthen your muscles with this cardio and strength workout. Kettle bell swings, strict press, high knee ran, squat with press, overhead reverse lunge, high knees, squat with high row, bicep curls press to curtsy lunge, in and outs, lateral high knee, butt kick punch, jumping jacks, and burpee with reach. Each exercise performedContinue reading “Friday 17th morning workout – condition and strengthen HIIT”