Monday 6th morning workout – full body tabata

A great way to start the week, this tabata workout is ideal for recovering from the weekend, as the workout is low intensity. Starting off with a goblet squat, a prisoner hold; chest press, and push-up hold;  V-ups and V-up hold; lateral lunge and squat hold; tricep kickback and hold; toe tap and hold; curtsyContinue reading “Monday 6th morning workout – full body tabata”

Wednesday 1st Afternoon workout – tabata cardio

My Wednesday afternoon workout. Tabata workout, my favourite HIIT-style workout. 20 seconds on, 10 second rest. The exercises are performed 6x, then moving onto the next exercises. You have agility, core, and legs working hard; along with exercises like squat jacks, the dreaded ‘mountain climbers’, squat jabs, star jumps, runner’s lunge, basketball slide and block,Continue reading “Wednesday 1st Afternoon workout – tabata cardio”

Tuesday 17th Morning Workout – Beginner tabata workout.

This tabata workout goes back to the basics. 50 different exercises performed tabata-style. These moves are ideal for beginners, or for those wanting a bit more of a challenge, take it up to high-impact, high intensity. This is a great way to ease yourself into HIIT training.