Why I use Flashbacks in Initiated to Kill.

I use flashbacks to show rather than just tell through dialogue a person’s background. My books are designed like a psychological profile of each character in a story-telling way. I want to show why a person turned out the way they did.  London, 1996  “A slight breeze whistled through the trees, a lone branch brushedContinue reading “Why I use Flashbacks in Initiated to Kill.”

Movie Review – ‘the little things’

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I started watching this movie. However, with a cast of Denzel Washington, Rami Malek and Jared Leto, I hoped I would get a pretty decent thriller. Denzel’s tormented character Joe Deacon struggling with past demons, finds himself face to face with a murder similar to one he investigatedContinue reading “Movie Review – ‘the little things’”

The Death Collectors Review

The Death Collectors by Jack Kerley takes the reader on a suspenseful ride that will keep you guessing until the end. “In 1972, on the day of his sentencing, renowned artist and serial killer Marsden Hexcamp is shot dead in the courtroom by a mysterious veiled woman. Members of his Mansonesque band of followers areContinue reading “The Death Collectors Review”

A Killer Whose Identity is Still a Mystery.

A man that would play dress-up in the real world. Roam the streets of Whitechapel dressed as a solider, or another character that would take his fancy. These streets were his stage, he could play any part, cast anyone he liked in whatever role he desired. From this, he would create such a masterpiece thatContinue reading “A Killer Whose Identity is Still a Mystery.”

A Tale of Two Brothers – Dance of Death review.

A tale of two brothers – born into privilege, one disfigured and resentful, the other successful and tormented. Dance of Death follows the saga of Agent Pendergast, Vincent D’Agosta and the psychotic Diogenes. The race against time to get to Diogenes next victim – a person close to his brother. Halfway through this book, andContinue reading “A Tale of Two Brothers – Dance of Death review.”

A Thrilling Spotlight Tour

Excerpt:     The young woman’s legs gave way underneath her, her body collapsing to the ground. She lay there motionless. She tried to get up, she had to get out of here, but her body refused to move. Feeling her limp body slowly being lifted off the floor. Where was she again? How had she got here?Continue reading “A Thrilling Spotlight Tour”

Inferno Review and Spotlight Tour.

Dan Brown brings another thrilling read that combines history, conspiracy and modern-day murder in a complex hunt for clues that leads Robert Langdon to a terrifying discovery. As always, Dan Brown brings a riveting tale that keeps you bound to the pages until the end. And for more thrilling reads, I have a Spotlight tourContinue reading “Inferno Review and Spotlight Tour.”