Thursday 9th morning workout – Full body cardio and toning

Tone and condition the body with this 30 minute workout for beginners to advanced. No repeat exercises, with 30-45 second intervals. Leg series, cardio series, arms and ab series to finish. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my Body, Mind and Writing newsletter: #cardioconditioning #fullbodytoning #popsugar #celebritytrainer #mindbodyhealth  

Monday 22nd morning workout – full body resistance band

30 minutes full body resistance band workout focuses on toning up your entire body just with the resistance band. Perfect for those recovering from injury, or new to fitness. Each exercises is performed 2 times each, putting specific focus on the smaller muscle groups. Even though you are only using the resistance bands, your musclesContinue reading “Monday 22nd morning workout – full body resistance band”