Why Grains, Pulses and Beans are Considered Some of the Best Immunity Boosters.

Did you Know that Oats Contain Powerful Antioxidant Flavanoids that can Help Break-down Cholesterol and Reduce Risk of Cancer? Grains, pulses and beans have been known for centuries to contain some pretty powerful compounds to build resistance to disease, enrich skin health, aid in detoxification, and improve bowel health. The ‘King of Beans’ Aduki beansContinue reading “Why Grains, Pulses and Beans are Considered Some of the Best Immunity Boosters.”

4 Hormone-Balancing Foods for HYPOTHYROIDISM.

The Endocrine system is made up of some pretty important glands – The pea-shaped Governing Pituitary, the Hypothalamus, and the thyroid, as well as the parathyroid, adrenals, pineal body, ovaries and testes. This network of glands works together to trigger off hormone production to enable cells to complete their tasks in our bodies. In regardsContinue reading “4 Hormone-Balancing Foods for HYPOTHYROIDISM.”

4 Foods for KICKSTARTING Digestive HEALTH

Our intestines carry a lot of responsibility… And 80-90% of serotonin is actually manufactured in the gut. Fatty foods, simple carbs, eating a lot of meat, stress, medication and not getting enough exercise can lead to gut issues developing. With inflammation levels increasing in the body due to a bad diet or stress; inflammatory conditionsContinue reading “4 Foods for KICKSTARTING Digestive HEALTH”


The BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS of ALL LIVING THINGS – CELLS. Our bodies contain trillions of cells. These cells participate in the daily functioning of every system of our body, and activate receptors when required. They provide structure, take in nutrients, convert nutrients into energy, and carry out specialized functions. For example, endocannabinoids are the endogenousContinue reading “Why these 4 FOODS are EFFECTIVE for CELL HEALTH”

Stressed Out? Try these Four Foods to Ease Anxiety.

Anxiety. Butterflies in the stomach?  Sweaty Palms? Unable to focus? Feeling nauseous? 3.6 percent of the population have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, with 4.6 females and 2.6 males affected by general anxiety. Anxiety can be crippling. Making it difficult to perform simple tasks, and to engage in activities outside your comfort zone. Let’sContinue reading “Stressed Out? Try these Four Foods to Ease Anxiety.”