On the Trail of Tapa Hopping in Seville.

Iberian white chorizo from El Rinconcillo, sipping a cold beer nibbling on patatas bravas at Badulaque in Alameda, or enjoy a tapa lunch on the outdoor terrace at Dos de Mago, sampling their espinacas con garbanzos and cod croquettes. Indulge in the extensive wine list at Michelin rated La Azotea accompanied by saquitos and burrataContinue reading “On the Trail of Tapa Hopping in Seville.”

What was the most dangerous/adventurous activity done on #holiday?

Holidays may be your time to relax, reconnect with nature, wander the beaches, explore islands, sample the delicacies, hop from winery to winery, spice up your relationship, or… jump out of a plane, swim with sharks, ride bareback, hike to the top of a mountain, kayak from one destination to the next, or white waterContinue reading “What was the most dangerous/adventurous activity done on #holiday?”

Question of the Week – Have you Travelled to New Zealand?

New Zealand – ‘land of the long white cloud’, or as I refer to it a ‘a little paradise’. New Zealand is full of adventures, from the long walks on the beach, to sky-diving and mountain climbing, and everything in-between. I’m curious, how many of you have travelled to the ‘land down down under…”? IContinue reading “Question of the Week – Have you Travelled to New Zealand?”

Sampling Paihia on a Budget.

The Jewel of the Bay of Islands – Paihia is the point where you can explore land and sea, islands scattered haphazardly amidst the pacific. Paihia is full of a range of activities. Cruises to the ‘Hole in the Rock’, swimming with the dolphins, visiting historical landmarks like Waitangi, Russell and KeriKeri, or even takingContinue reading “Sampling Paihia on a Budget.”

Kororareka – Reviving New Zealand’s Colourful History.

Kororareka – the first permanent seaport and European settlement in New Zealand, lying far north of the North Island. Indigenous Maori enjoyed an ideal climate encouraging an abundance of fish, food and fertile soil. Early European explorers noted the prosperity of this small settlement. In the early 1800s, European and American ships anchored at theirContinue reading “Kororareka – Reviving New Zealand’s Colourful History.”

KeriKeri – The Town that Changed New Zealand’s Cultural Landscape?

Full of culture, history and stunning scenery, KeriKeri is a place centered around some of the most historical noteworthy buildings in New Zealand. Playing major roles in unifying and calming relations between European explorers and local Maori.  A Town Full of History. KeriKeri was once home to a fearsome Maori chief – Hongi Hika. AlthoughContinue reading “KeriKeri – The Town that Changed New Zealand’s Cultural Landscape?”

What Destination do you want to go to when you can travel again?

Since 2020, many of us have had to dream about our next holiday, hoping that things will settle down, and we can travel again. Here in New Zealand, we are able to finally expand our ‘bubble’ to our Aussie neighbours. However, many of us are still waiting to get to our dream destination. So, here’sContinue reading “What Destination do you want to go to when you can travel again?”

A Labyrinth of Land and Sea Life at Cape Brett.

A rocky cliff face protrudes above the Pacific Ocean, walking tracks submerges into a green forest arena. The watery depths offer marine adventures set out to discover a web of marine creatures. Traversing 16km or 8 hours of rugged native bush, steep cliffs regularly drop off to reveal sweeping coastal views along the rugged CapeContinue reading “A Labyrinth of Land and Sea Life at Cape Brett.”

The Sweeping Shores of 90-mile Beach.

A vast expanse of white sand stretching 55 miles long, reaching Ahipara Bay, located near Kaitaia. Te-Oneroa-a-Tohe, or better known as 90-mile beach curves slightly northeast, before traversing northwest along Aupouri Peninsula. Its final destination at Scott Point, about 10km south of Cape Reinga. One of the unique aspects of 90-mile beach is that itContinue reading “The Sweeping Shores of 90-mile Beach.”

Discover the Northernmost Point of the North Island.

Once an island formed by a marine volcano, ocean currents carrying sand to form a tombolo – a sandy isthmus connecting the island to the mainland, combining the headland and flat to formerly shape North Cape Peninsula.  Although Cape Reinga is traditionally looked upon as the northernmost point of the North Island, in fact itContinue reading “Discover the Northernmost Point of the North Island.”