Wednesday 24th morning workout – full body bootcamp

Wednesday workout bootcamp with a range of dumbbells. 30 seconds intervals. 1 station of strength, 1 station of a bodyweight exercise, 3 rounds per circuit. If you like my content, I have a bi-monthly newsletter with articles and advice on health and nutrition for you and your pet: #bootcamp #strengthandconditioning #Wednesdayworkouts #mindbodyhealth  

Wednesday 29th morning workout – triceps, chest and cardio

Target your triceps and chest in this cardio-combined workout. 1 minute intervals, 3 weight circuits, performed 2 times each circuit. Push-ups, kickbacks, chest pulse, chest fly, tricep overhead extension, standing chest fly, close to wide press, tricep pulse dip, single arm press, and a couple of cardio circuits to finish.