Tuesday 11th morning workout – cardio and abs

40 minutes of abs and cardio. Grab a light set of weights to amp up the abdominal work. Cardio and abs with high intensity intervals of 30 seconds. 3 rounds with 3 exercises in each round – core, core and cardio. The last 15 minutes or so of the workout is switched up – TabataContinue reading “Tuesday 11th morning workout – cardio and abs”

Friday 31st morning workout – Full body HIIT strength

Three exercises done in 5 minute interval circuits. 10 overhead squat pulses, 10 shoulder presses; 10 burpees with lateral raise, 10 Romanian deadlift with leg pulse; 10 suitcase presses, 10 chest fly; 10 RDL curl and press, 10 side plank pulses; 10 sumo squat and chest openers, 10 hold and row; 10 split leg toeContinue reading “Friday 31st morning workout – Full body HIIT strength”

Wednesday 22nd morning workout – Back, biceps and cardio

5 supersets of back and bicep exercises, performed for 45 second intervals, 3 rounds of each superset. Followed by 7 different cardio exercises to finish off the workout.   While lifting the weights, you are using the glycogen that has been stored in your body, then switching to cardio helps to burn the fat thatContinue reading “Wednesday 22nd morning workout – Back, biceps and cardio”

Monday 20th morning workout – Ab strength

My Monday morning workout was a weighted ab workout, ideal for helping to create that ab definition, while strengthening the inner and outer core muscles. 45 second intervals, exercises performed 2x each. Weighted sit-up, side jack knife, leg lower, V-ups with weights, Russian twists with weights, frog sit-ups, plus more. Finishing off with an abContinue reading “Monday 20th morning workout – Ab strength”

Wednesday 18th Morning Workout – AMRAP

AMRAP workout is an effective way to build strength. The set up is 2 exercises done for 5 minutes, going on to another set of 2 exercises for another 5 minutes, and so on. Giving you time to master the moves, and build strength in the muscles targeted. Works the entire body, with an emphasisContinue reading “Wednesday 18th Morning Workout – AMRAP”

Tuesday 17th Morning Workout – Beginner tabata workout.

This tabata workout goes back to the basics. 50 different exercises performed tabata-style. These moves are ideal for beginners, or for those wanting a bit more of a challenge, take it up to high-impact, high intensity. This is a great way to ease yourself into HIIT training.  

Monday 16th Afternoon workout – Bob Harper Cardio and Weights Workout

Another workout to combine cardio and weights. Bob Harper brings the ‘burn’ to you again, with his whole body cardio and weight training workout. Thankfully, Bob has given modifications to the moves, so whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can do this workout. 🙂 Combining cardio and weights gives an ultimate body burn.Continue reading “Monday 16th Afternoon workout – Bob Harper Cardio and Weights Workout”

Wednesday 11th June Morning Workout – Bob Harper Triplet Ladder

Highly recommend this workout to start your day. The intense part of the workout is only 15 minutes. With the warm up and cool down making up the rest of the time. Only 3 moves, that you challenge yourself to do as many as possible in 15 minutes. Increasing your reps after each round ofContinue reading “Wednesday 11th June Morning Workout – Bob Harper Triplet Ladder”