WhiteChapel – Infamous for 11 Unsolved Murders.

‘Centre of  London’s Jewish community, Whitechapel became infamous for 11 murders from 1888-91.”  19thcentury Whitechapel reeked with corruption, poverty and cruelty.  Conditions so squalid, that a Yiddish actor commented that not even in Russia, or in the worst slums of New York, never-before-seen poverty polluted the streets of Whitechapel. Such terrible poverty drove women into prostitution, withContinue reading “WhiteChapel – Infamous for 11 Unsolved Murders.”

Chapter 31

31 August, 1888 Buck’s Row, Whitechapel Mesmerized by the flickering embers, causing near unbearable heat as it radiated through the small room. This time he was truly ready. He could feel the accusing stare of the man that had come to see him a few days after that night. He’d sat there, glowering, not utteringContinue reading “Chapter 31”