#BookReview Call Me Lawless by KD Law.

Genre: Thriller No Spoilers. Savannah Lincoln is a ruthless and successful criminal lawyer in the line of fire when a number of her former clients disappear. Two detectives believe she is the main connection, leading them to investigate her life, and the multiple personalities she exhibits. A seemingly confident woman, Savannah begins to unravel, exposingContinue reading “#BookReview Call Me Lawless by KD Law.”

#BookReview Dangerous Memory by Cynthia Rogan

A woman finds herself in a precarious situation when she discovers something her bosses don’t want her to know. Afraid and alone, a drunken encounter at a bar completely changes everything she can remember… Minnie Chance is brought onto a peculiar case by Martin, a US Marshal who found a woman on the beach. BattlingContinue reading “#BookReview Dangerous Memory by Cynthia Rogan”