Tuesday 10th workouts – HIIT cardio and cardio and abs.

Quick, intense intervals of plyo cardio with mods. Reps of 10-12 or time intervals of 30 -40 second, 2 rounds per circuit of 3 exercises. This workout goes fast, keeping that heart pumping and burning those calories. In the afternoon focuses on abs and cardio 30 second intervals. Each exercise is repeated 3 times each,Continue reading “Tuesday 10th workouts – HIIT cardio and cardio and abs.”

Tuesday 24th morning workout – 25 minute tabata strength and cardio

Tabata Tuesday! 5 rounds of strength and cardio intervals. Rounds of cardio, upper, lower and compound intervals. If you like my content, I have a bi-monthly newsletter with articles and advice on health and nutrition for you and your pet: http://eepurl.com/ghyNAH #tabata #cardioandstrength #bodyfitbyamy #mindbodyhealth  

Monday 14th morning workout – full body strength training and abs

Start the working week on a high note with this 40 minute full body workout with abs. 45 seconds of work, with a range of dumbbells to work those larger muscle groups. Each circuit has 3 moves done twice, with the last move in the circuit combining the first 2 moves. Finishing off with anContinue reading “Monday 14th morning workout – full body strength training and abs”

Friday 23rd morning workout – German Volume Training

Tracy brings a 40 minute German Volume Training workout. Based on the concept of 10 rounds of exercises for 10 reps, as heavy as you can go. Tracy mixes it up by super-setting different muscle groups in each circuit. Yes, that means you end up doing 100 goblet squats, 100 deadlifts, 100 chest presses, 100Continue reading “Friday 23rd morning workout – German Volume Training”

Thursday 22nd morning workout – intense cardio HIIT

Tracy brings another No Repeats HIIT workout in 30 minutes. This workout is ideal for those that want to push their cardio endurance to the next level. 30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. This intense cardio workout will ramp up the fat burn for the entire day. You have moves like the windmill,Continue reading “Thursday 22nd morning workout – intense cardio HIIT”

Tuesday 20th afternoon workout – cardio and abs

Target your abs and increase your cardio endurance in this 50 minute cardio and abs HIIT workout. Every circuit has 5 exercises done for 30 seconds, each cardio circuit done twice. Then bringing it down a bit with the 5 minute ab circuits, no repeat exercises. You’ve got burpees, predator jacks, the dreaded tuck jumpsContinue reading “Tuesday 20th afternoon workout – cardio and abs”