Friday 9th morning workout – tabata with weights

Get your entire body in shape with this 40 minute tabata workout. Using compound exercises to utilise multiple muscle groups at once. Combining cardio and resistance to get max fat burn. The circuits have anywhere between 1-4 exercises, performed for 8 rounds in total per circuit. #mindbodyhealth  

Wednesday 7th morning workout – full body toning and cardio

Start your day off with a 30 minute full body toning and cardio workout. Combining toning exercises and cardio to wake up your body and kickstart the metabolism to keep it fired up all day. To increase the intensity, grab those mini bands for exercises like squats, push-ups, burpees and hip thrusts, plus more. HIITContinue reading “Wednesday 7th morning workout – full body toning and cardio”

Tuesday 6th morning workout – kickboxing and cardio tabata

Jump into this cardio kickboxing workout with tabata intervals for maximum fat burn. Start off with 4 rounds of kickboxing moves, 30 second intervals per move. Moving onto the tabata section – 4 exercises, done 20 seconds each, for 2 rounds. Each circuit has 2 kickboxing rounds, and 1 tabata round. #mindbodyhealth  

Wednesday 31st morning workout – boxing and toning

Want to be on your way to a toned body? Then give this workout a try. 40 minutes of boxing and toning specifically designed for Victoria Secret models. This workout combines the cardio power of boxing, while toning the entire body. For added intensity bands and light hand weights can be used. You can eitherContinue reading “Wednesday 31st morning workout – boxing and toning”

Thursday 11th morning workout – dance tabata

Dance away those calories in this 30 minute hip-hop tabata workout – including a bit of twerking. 7 exercises done 4 times each – tabata style. Gives you a chance to learn the moves while getting a great cardio workout. No excuses not to work out – dancing is a fun way to get intoContinue reading “Thursday 11th morning workout – dance tabata”

Wednesday 10th morning workout – 30 min HIIT with weights

30 minute HIIT workout with weights focuses on building strength for men and women. Every move is shown with a modification, and all are compound moves, working multiple muscle groups at once. This workout takes well-known exercises and puts a different spin on them. With 1 minute intervals, your muscles will be on fire.

Monday 8th morning workout – hamstrings, butt and abs

The name explains it all. Target your butt, hamstrings and abs in this 60 minute HIIT workout. 30 second intervals – each circuit has 1 hamstring exercise, followed by an ab move, then hamstrings, abs, and butt. Each circuit is performed 3 times each. If you want to change it up a bit, on theContinue reading “Monday 8th morning workout – hamstrings, butt and abs”