Monday 24th morning workout – kickboxing and kettle bell workout

Kickboxing and kettle bell workout to target both cardio and strength training. The circuits combining kettle bell exercises, followed by a kickboxing move to keep the heart rate up. This workout can also be done with dumbbells. 🙂  

Friday 21st morning workout – Cardio and Strength bootcamp

What better way to end the week than to do a strength and cardio bootcamp. After recovering from a small operation, finally being able to do a workout feels pretty good. 🙂 Circuit style bootcamp with 3 stations – lower body, upper body, and cardio. 30 second intervals, 4 rounds of each circuit.    

Thursday 13th morning workout – Upper body AMRAP

Upper body 3 minute super sets of 7 circuits with 2 exercises in the 3 minute time AMRAP – 10 reps in each exercise. Back fly, chest press, tricep extension, cross bicep curl, shoulder raise, shoulder presses, tricep kickback, bicep side slow curl, slow wide rows, chest fly, bent arm raises, bent row, high rows,Continue reading “Thursday 13th morning workout – Upper body AMRAP”

Wednesday 12th morning workout – pilates strong workout

45 second intervals of pilates toning and conditioning. Focusing on moves to gradually build strength and endurance. Targeting the small muscle groups while using light hand weights. Incorporating some yoga strength poses, core moves, and pulsing exercises. You may be surprised how much this one burns!  

Tuesday 11th morning workout – cardio and abs

40 minutes of abs and cardio. Grab a light set of weights to amp up the abdominal work. Cardio and abs with high intensity intervals of 30 seconds. 3 rounds with 3 exercises in each round – core, core and cardio. The last 15 minutes or so of the workout is switched up – TabataContinue reading “Tuesday 11th morning workout – cardio and abs”

Tuesday 4th morning workout – cardio dance and yoga hybrid workout

Get ready to take flight, dance and strengthen your body with a combo of dance and power yoga. Including cardio dance, yoga, squat combos, butt combos, upper body toning, core, and back to flow yoga. An ideal combination to ease you into fitness, or just wanting something a little bit different.