‘Angels and Demons’ – See what lies beyond the theory.

The movie begins with a historic occasion that changes the landscape of the church. The Pope dies and an elected cardinal will be appointed as one of the most powerful men in the world. In contrast, a major scientific experiment is underway in Italy, revealing the discovery of antimatter, and its potential to create life.

Robert Langdon is brought in to assist the Swiss Guard when a physicist is branded with a particular symbol and the antimatter is stolen. His knowledge of the significance of symbols, and his research into the elusive Illuminati is imperative to uncover the secrets that might lead to a catastrophic event. 

It is based around the conspiracy theory behind the significance of the Illuminati and their supposed need to seek revenge on the Catholic Church due to historic massacres of their own people. 

Robert Langdon played by Tom Hanks is represented with far more character than in the first movie. His knowledge behind the history and the violent means of the Catholic Church helps him to unearth clues to what the antagonist may do next.

The supporting characters bring to life the rest of the plot, adding to Robert’s journey and the many secrets the Vatican contains.

Has the Illuminati returned to wreck revenge due to historic massacres of their people by the Catholic Church? Or is there another sinister reason?

The suspense is built on trying to find the churches along the ‘Path of Illumination’. An idea that the Illuminati created a city-wide map to induct new members. These new members were only able to have the honor of joining the Illuminati if they could discover the clues hidden in numerous churches around Rome that would eventually lead them to the secret meeting place of the Illuminati. 

Rome – Path of Illumination | The Globetrotting Man
Path of Illumination. Image obtained from http://www.theglobetrottingman.com/rome-path-illumination/

Robert races against time to get to the next place with a hidden clue to prevent the branding and murders of the kidnapped cardinals that are the top elects to become Pope.

The movie brings the mix of religious history and symbolism to the forefront, the area Dan Brown excels in. Causing the viewer to question what we think we know. What exactly is religion based on?

The historic nature of the film covers famous Roman architecture. Bernini, an Italian sculptor commissioned by the catholic church may be a key player to discovering the next location bringing them closer to reach their find.

Like with previous theories, the movie delves into the possibility of well-respected men that may have infiltrated the church to undermine the Catholic Church’s position, and get closer to their ultimate revenge. Using their position to hide clues to lead their followers to begin the enlightenment work again.

The conspiracy goes deeper into just how far a person will go to influence the entire world, and how historical carvings may in fact have been put their for a future purpose.

Each step leading Robert and scientist Vittoria Vetra to another cardinal. Racing against time to prevent another death, while being impended by the Vatican 
Swiss Guard, especially Commander Richter. 

What did I think?

This was much better than the first. The plot of course was largely responsible for moving the story along quickly. Stakes were higher at this point, and it showed. Not only due to the time constraint they have to work under to get to the next cardinal in time, less dialogue and more action contributed to moving the story along, and increased the suspense.

White Wafer, Body of Christ, Film 'Angels and Demons', "Ca… | Flickr
White Wafer in communion from ‘Angels and Demons’. Image obtained from Wonderlane https://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderlane/4458267041

I enjoyed how both sides of religion and science are covered – the corruptness of some churches displaying the contribution of human frailty and exploitation. And that it is not so much about religion itself, but the extreme nature of some religious fanatics.

Tom Hanks seemed to have grown more into his character, showing more emotion.

The female lead played by Vittoria Vetra fitted pretty well into the nuclear physicist’srole of being one of the physicists that discovered the infamous antimatter – and its potential to create, as well as destroy.

Even if you have read the book and know the ending, I still found it an enjoyable watch. The movie bringing to life the key locations that brings millions of visitors to Rome. 

Although the conspiracy angle may seem a bit left field at times, it is presented in a believable way that makes the movie seem more realistic. The ending pretty much sums up the premise of the entire movie – just how far someone will go to achieve their ultimate ends, and the Catholic Church will cover things up to protect the church and its legacy.

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