Seville University – An 18th century Architectural Marvel.

Large black iron gates open to the entrance of the Rectory; an angel blowing a horn can be seen perched on the center. Elaborate carvings adorn the building. A patio

File:Universidad de Sevilla (rectorado) 001.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Rectory at Seville University.

with pillars greets visitors and students alike.

One of the top ranked universities in the country, Seville University has a colorful history dating back to the 15thcentury, and perhaps even earlier.

Founded by Archdeacon Maese Rodrigo Fernández de Santaella, and confirmed by the Pope; nowadays it is known for its research in technology and science.

Located in the downtown area, bordered by Maria Luisa Park and the Guadalquivir River. Seville University’s buildings houses Geography and History, Philology and law was once the renowned tobacco factory.

Students of history can explore the 18tharchitecture that became well known in “Carmen”.   Devised as a citadel to protect the income that flowed from the tobacco factory.   Complete with a moat and watchtower, once a building full of women working in this stuffy and air-polluted building.

Twenty-four workshops, 21 fountains and 10 wells dotted around the campus. You

can walk through the entrance, pass an inner courtyard, and exit to the road on the other side where several bars are located.

The school of Geography and History cover courses in Archeology, Ancient History, Cultural Anthropology, and of course, Art History. Just a short walk to Plaza Espana, where you can go on a carriage ride to view the city.

An architectural marvel accompanies the famous university – the ‘floating library’. Designed to hover over the ground above three structures extending to a shallow plinth; allowing the landscape to be viewed at entrance level.

Seville library emerges as an extension of the El Prado de San Sebastian Park.

Illuminated with tall windows and plant rooms. The main reception hall defined by a striking twist at the center of the longitudinal structure. The atrium lit by a skylight running along the north-south axis.

Seville University is a stunning example of the kind of culture and historically significant locations that Seville has to offer.

Murder, conspiracy and missing girls bring Seville University to the forefront of police attention when students from this university disappear. Annabella Cordova becomes inadvertently involved when her roommate is one of those missing girls.

Initiated to Kill combines the history, culture and local lore of Seville and its many vibrant barrios, while taking you on a convoluted story of 19thcentury London, to present day Seville. 

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